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May 14, 2009

i spent a nice productive period during and after college not caring at all about other people's ideas. you think some crazy stuff about jesus and crap? more power to you. live and let live. i'm going to stand over here now.

and maybe this is way off base (it's not), but i thought that was the point of this country. the pilgrims came here seeking the freedom to pursue their religion without interference from the church of england. the freedom for each of us to do our own thing. however according to the past few months i've forgotten all about how this was founded as a "christian" nation. forget the fact that the majority (if not all) of the founding fathers were members of the freemasons, a group that was formed to pursue religious tolerance. and that they specifically formed the separation of church and state. or that thomas jefferson pasted together his own version of the bible because he thought the original was total crap. see that was all a dream sequence, it didn't really happen. we are a christian nation. ahem.

in the past few months something has happened and i can't quite put my finger on it. a huge combination of things- i just can't take it any more. if you weren't already aware, by some miracle, i am super ultra liberal. so far left of left i actually don't believe in having a government at all (which is a deeper discussion for another day). but these past few months have been so chock full of christian rightwing hate speech. from fox news. from people i know. from the news i actually read, which is not faux news. people who hate gay people. hate gay marriage. hate abortions. hate abortions for non-viable babies with genetic defects that cause them to have NO FACES WITH WHICH TO BREATH. they hate people who don't celebrate the national day of prayer, which is crap in and of itself. hate people who don't go to church. hate people who do go to church and don't "mean it." hate black people. hate foreign people. hate muslim people. hate mexican people. hate jewish people. do they like anybody?

and in the last week, it has been like a flood of continuing mess. miss california only believes in "opposite" marriage but posing for naked photos- that's her idea of being a good role model. bristol palin is now being paid to be the new face of abstinence-only education, clearly it worked for her. pro-life protesters at notre dame (protesting obama's commencement speech) fly a plane over the campus daily showing giant pictures of dismembered babies. fireproof. that's just sad by itself. really, you need a crappily produced movie with kirk cameron in it to tell you not to be a dick to your wife? radio hosts make racist remarks about mexican people because "they caused the swine flu by being dirty." just south of here is the creation museum, where people take their children to learn that dinosaurs and people lived together in harmony. we rode them with saddles. wheeee!

and quiverfull. and jesus camp. and the nazi-youth pope. and the man i drove into work behind today with the back of his car covered in pro-life stickers. it's just too much. i can't live and let live in an environment where i am bombarded by crazies. so here's a lesson for you, super-christian movement, if you would just shut your fucking faces and mind your own business people like me (you know, the rational, thinking kind) wouldn't hate you. because honestly if you want to teach your homeschool kids to think that obama is the muslim antichrist, it's none of my business. unless you keep screaming it in my face, and then it is my business.

and if you all accidentally fell into the ocean and got eaten by a giant squid which then exploded, that would really be the best solution for me personally. so throw on your swimwear, douse yourself in kerosene, and take some matches to the beach. i'll be the one on shore waving the american flag.



Wow. What a rant. I do approve though! I go to college in Ohio and I just hate that we have a pro-life club, but no pro-choice club. And that there are a million Christian organizations that hit me in the face daily. And that there were "healers" in town recently...Just needed to comment on that.


I'm with you. Living in a small town for the past couple of years has made me realize just how much crazy there is out there. I have yet to meet a person completely accepts evolution, and it's driving me a bit mad, this knowledge that no one around here is completely sane or (completely) capable of an rational conversation. I'm not even going to get into the political environment of Marion Indiana.

We should talk more often, it might help me leave the fundies alone.


i so enjoyed this rant! well put. :)


Sing it, sister!!!!!

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