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May 19, 2009

he is almost 14 inches long! he weighs more than a pound and a half! i can vouch for this because my stomach has doubled in size all of a sudden and feels like a rubber ball. we're talking serious baby growth-spurt here. and those gentle punchy-kicky taps? now it's more like a cat trying to fight its way out of a bag. he's getting crazy strong and moves all the time. well except for yesterday, that was a boring one. and i eat like a teenage boy. i think that is the part i am having the most trouble adjusting to. i eat breakfast (yogurt & granola, fruit, something like that), lunch... 30 minutes later i am famished. dying of hunger. i just can't eat enough food. it's getting ridiculous, seriously. and i feel guilty for eating so much food but if my body says it needs it then i guess i should listen. and if it wants me to make more brownies in our fancy oven, i'll listen to that too.

jude is like, a real person in there now. with hair, and all 5 senses, and his eyes can open, and man it's crazy. you know he could come out of there at any time? i mean that would be not good, but it's possible. and since about 2 weeks ago he would probably live. however, baby jude, please stay in there are cook some more, you probably look like a freaky skeletor still. 15 weeks left, if he makes it all the way to the end. it is amazing how fast it goes.

the internet keeps telling me that babies in the womb can hear and react to outside sounds. but he never does. i asked jon if he would be mad if our baby was deaf, and he said no. but he thinks that we are just such LOUD LOUD people what with the dog yelling and talking and movies and me playing jude gwar in the car that he is probably used to loud noises by now and just doesn't care. and that is a very plausible explanation. thumbs up for a laid-back baby i guess.

i'm feeling fine. i mean really uneventfully fine. people act like i am supposed to entertain them somehow with crazy tales of "how i'm doing." people act as if i'm going to have some kind of amazing story to tell them. and then when i tell them i'm fine they act so disappointed, like they would really rather hear about how horrible i'm feeling. but honestly it's just not that exciting. sometimes i am grumpy. sometimes i am tired. that's really about it. if i get really tired i start to waddle, which is funny. and if i walk for too long my hands get all puffy and sad and i have to hold my arms above my head to help the blood run back out. i don't like to go to the grocery store anymore because there are so many people and they are always running into me like totally rude jerks. sometimes i see sparkly black spots. actually pretty often. jon thinks maybe i have low blood pressure or need more iron.

this weekend we are taking mr. jude to the race. and because we are from indianapolis there is only one race i could be talking about, the indy 500. it's a pretty big deal in indy, my parents and my aunt and uncle all get seats together in the same box every year for like the past 15 years. so we're going. i'm concerned about all the walking to get to our seats though. it's a long way, usually more than a mile from the car to the seats. i'm afraid even if i wear proper shoes it's going to be pretty taxing, especially considering that i got tired in lowes last night while we were picking out paint for the kitchen and had to sit down on a bucket in the corner. i guess we'll see how that pans out.

i hate that spell check thinks that 'internet' should be capitalized. why is that a proper noun??


Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'm so glad you're feeling fine, yet famished.

And, I agree "internet" should not be capitalized. Ever.

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