week 24

May 8, 2009

feet? is that you guys down there?

my doctor appointment this morning marks the very beginning of week 24. six months. dude. you never realize until you go to the doctor every month how boring it can be. i go in, they weigh me, take my blood pressure, i pee in a cup, i leave. that's probably a good thing though because if they get too exciting it probably means something bad is going on. so, see you in another month boring doctor.

next up is my glucose test, where i chug this sugary syrup drink and then they draw my blood to make sure i don't have gestational diabetes. i asked the doctor about the crazy back pain i have been having since the beginning. the first time i asked (different doctor) she tried to convince me that i was just constipated. no, lady, trust me this is very different. and it has continued since then, now amplified by kitchen world. so i asked again today and she thinks i probably have sciatica. her solution? don't do anything. so i have been officially told by the doctor to do nothing. i doubt that will actually happen. i'm not so good at the 'taking it easy' part of this. also, i have gained 11 pounds. i couldn't believe it!! i feel like a huge ass boat. i think the boy is having a growth spurt this week. and i can't remember what my starting weight was so in my head i kept making it lower and lower and thinking OH MY GOD I'VE GAINED LIKE 20 POUNDS ALREADY. apparently not. so that's a good thing, but very strange.

i'm not sure if jude really hates going to the doctor or really, really likes it. every time he punches them in the sound listening machine. today he did it twice in a row. it probably is because right before i go in i always eat and chug a bunch of juice because i am paranoid i won't be able to pee in the cup. and one time i couldn't, and it was mortifying. i had to come back out and say, "look, I'm sorry but I really just don't have to pee." what pregnant lady ever says that? ever since i had to take my initial drug test for this job it is like my greatest fear. because i went in for my drug test and she said i didn't pee enough pee in the cup and made me wait there an hour and a half until i had to pee again. the horror. i just noticed this week that i am now rocking the teeniest tiniest linea negra, the dark vertical like that some ladies get on their preggo bellies. at this point it's pretty cute because it's not very dark but we'll see how long that lasts.

i took some belly pictures for you (finally). i figured it was now or never. do you have any idea how hard it is to take a semi-attractive photo of yourself in the pastel office bathroom? very, very hard.

happy friday all! cabinets are going in this weekend! walls are being repaired!


wrestling kitties

you are adorable!!


I concur. That's one foxy pregnant chick!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(I agree. YOU ARE SO adorable and lovely.) Hope you are feeling ok.

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