the aftermath

June 24, 2009

so we went out to dinner last night for our anniversary. and where did jon take his pregnant wife? to a fish house.

... no but it was delicious. i just thought it was funny. had i not been pregnant i would have been all over that raw oyster bar like my dogs on ice cubes. i actually wasn't going to write a post about this at all, but then dinner came. now this was a very classy place. i was probably waddlingly underdressed. our server had a fancy white coat with all kinds of pins and serving gear all over it and they tried to sell us a three course summer special that included wine service (uh hello? did you not see me waddle in here?). jon got the sock-eye salmon and when i ordered the fisherman's platter our server said nothing and acted like that was completely normal .... and then the food came out:

that is the hugest fucking pile of fries i've ever seen. please look at the size of my plate compared to jon's 40 oz salmon steak. then compare it to the regular sized glass of diet coke. i don't think i've laughed that hard in a long, long time.

also, yes, i fed our baby fish. several kinds of fish, scallops, and crab macaroni & cheese. and i had a diet coke. i'm a wild, wild rebel like that.


wrestling kitties

HAHAHA! That is awesome!! That plate IS huge.

P.S. Crab Mac & Cheese sounds delightful.

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