fancy doctor, meet jude.

June 5, 2009

our doctor's appointment this week really cheered me up. the practice i am going to is a group of 7 doctors and i have to see all of them before my last month because there is no telling who will be on call at the hospital when i go into labor. and so far they have been ok, nice but generally brief. it is sort of frustrating going to such a large practice because i don't feel like they ever take the time to actually talk to me- until today!

the doctor i had today was awwwwwesome. she actually talked to me- and listened to me talk. and answered all my questions. she even made a note in my chart that said i preferred to be called jamie instead of jennifer so they won't be shouting "PUSH, jennifer, PUSH!" and i'm screaming back at them, "jennifer WHO?" and she was totally supportive of natural birthing and suggested that i should labor at home as long as possible and eat a tasty turkey sandwich, which i thought was cute but jon immediately said, "but you don't like sandwiches." that's not the point, sir.

so, my weight is good, my blood pressure is good but on the low side (explaining the mysterious black spots i see sometimes), but what was really exciting is that she says jude is measuring big, she guesses around 3+ lbs already. i have no idea how big he is supposed to be right now but she seemed really excited that he was so big and healthy and kicking her in the listening device. which made me feel so much better about how gigantic my belly is getting. he is super extra growing, i am not eating too many cookies! so they booked my next appointment for 3 weeks from now instead of 4. after that i will go every two weeks. oh yeah and i passed the gestational diabetes screening so thank god i won't have to do the long test and stop eating brownies.

the dads are coming tomorrow to help finish up projects in the kitchen, but mainly to hook up the plumbing and the rest of the appliances (yeah!). this week we finished all the painting and trim painting so the to-do list is getting smaller. finally. i would say after next week we might have a real working kitchen but i don't want to get too excited and pee a little, so for now let's just say that things are getting done. yeah! i love this friday!
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