less than 100 days.

June 1, 2009

in less than 100 days (give or take a few) jude will be here.

holy. crap.

anyway, this is week 27, which on some calendars they count as the first week of the third trimester and on others they don't start it till next week (28). but you know, it's close enough. third trimester. 2/3 down, 1/3 to go. unless he is way early but lets all cross our fingers he stays in there as long as his little heart desires. this week the internet says he is big and stuff, and inches and stuff, but really the 'how big is the baby' thing is getting kind of old. it's just a guess - who knows what's really going on in there? besides kickboxing. that's definetly going on in there.

over the weekend we went for our hospital tour of the maternity ward. it was strange and awkward but not really surprising. we showed up right on time and found our way through the labyrinth to the check-in area only to find that lots of couples were already there, staring at us. turns out that most of the people taking the tour were WAY ahead of me. as in, about to give birth. so they were all giving us the evil eye for taking the tour so early. and compared to them i barely looked pregnant. (awkward time #1) i actually thought about getting up and giving another woman my chair at one point because i felt so awkward about it. oh well.

they showed us where to park, and then where to go, and where to check in, and what the rooms look like, etc. etc. it was fairly straightforward. the weird part was the other couples. everyone but one girl was dead silent and wouldn't ask any questions. they all looked as if they were being forced to be there, especially the menfolk. (awkwark time #2) the cute indian lady looked really alarmed, like she hadn't heard anything about birth before she showed up there and turns out she is due in 3 weeks. her husband on the other hand seemed to think he knew it all so she didn't need to worry about silly things such as where to go or packing her bag or who their pediatrician was. and several men in the group, when they did mutter a few words, let fly some horrific redneck accents. no sir, them there weren'ts the bathrooms. them there be the nurseryroom.

awkward time #3 was when the tour lady asked if anyone was considering a natural birth. and the girl who asked the all the excellent questions raised her hand, and jon looked at me, and raised his hand, and i nodded. we then proceeded to get the death glare from the entire group. yay! i'm sure as soon as we left they were all, "those damn barely pregnant extra-prepared tour takers and their natural birthing."

because yes, we are going to go for a natural birth. and i'm hesitant to tell anyone that because when you tell most ladies that you are just setting yourself up to fail. they get this smirk and the "oh, well just wait until it's time, good luck with that." it's like other women enjoy waiting till the end and then saying, "SEEE?? SEEE?? I TOLD YOU SO> THAT'S SO IMPOSSIBLE> SNARK." and you know, what am i supposed to tell people who say that kind of thing? no, i haven't been in labor before. i don't know what it's like. all i can do is give it my best shot. but gee, thanks for the support. that really helps me stay positive. and if it turns out i have a 30 hour labor or a crazy breech baby and i have an epidural will that make you feel better about yourself?

last week was crazy busy but i'm feeling pretty energetic lately overall. i'm sure saying that is a surefire way to guarantee a crappy tired day tomorrow (jinx!). but we have a new roof, the kitchen is making improvements step by step, bang got spayed, we took our tour... when is it time for resting? will there ever be resting again?


wrestling kitties

WOW, less then 100 days, awesome!!

Evil Eye

Great !! WOW!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Welcome to the third trimester! :)

Your post made me smile. It's AMAZING how moms wear their birth story on their sleeve like a badge of honor. What? You had a 48-hour-long labor with a natural water birth in your kitchen with just your husband, doula and midwife there?

CLEARLY you are the better - no the BEST of women.


You know your body, sista. BEST-of-luck. I say the important thing is that Jude makes it here healthy and happy. Then, your job will be done.

Well, sort of. :)

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