oh kitchen, i could never stay mad at you.

June 15, 2009

running water. we are now officially better off than 16th century peasants.

things are starting to look (more) finished. we have running water. and everything is painted and mostly put together. saturday we finally put the doors back on. yes, since april we haven't had any doors on the back of our house. it's both classy and safe. the new tile raised the floor level so much that the doors wouldn't fit back on without being planed. it's definitely strange after having them gone for so long and bang keeps bashing her face into them which is pretty entertaining.

the best news is that we returned a bunch of leftover stuff from installing the cabinets and got back enough money to order the green chairs guilt-free. EEEEEEEEEE! can you tell i'm super psyched about this?


wrestling kitties

It is looking fabulous!!! Nice job!

I especially LOVE that copper backsplash. FUN


Ditto on loving the backsplash. Your kitchen is beautiful!

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