a quickie

June 26, 2009

this morning's doctor's appointment was another boring one. and now i start going every 2 weeks! i guess for people who have had complications or lots of questions that might come in handy but sometimes it seems like a waste to show up there for 10 minutes, have them weigh me and take my blood pressure, and then leave. plus, this morning they totally tricked me! i thought i was going to have fancy doctor, who i wrote about last time, and instead i had old doctor, who i have met before and do not like- and who told me that starting at 35 weeks they are going to start doing internals at every appointment. boo you, old doctor, you can't do them if i refuse. she also asked if i could tell if jude was kicking me up high or down low so they could get an idea of his position and i said NO WAY! he is all over the place. i have no idea what's going on in there. my best educated guess would be that he is still transverse which was his favorite position when he was much smaller. so holy crap, i go back again on the 10th, which will be week 32.

.... and the dr-switcheroo may or may not have been totally my fault. i think i may have confused the names of fancy doctor and old doctor. but come on, there are 7 of them! how am i supposed to keep that straight?! so far i have met asian doctor, fancy doctor, old doctor, boring doctor, and young doctor. only 2 more before i've met everyone and my next appointment is with one of the two remaining mystery ladies. i'm sure she will also get some kind of nickname to help me tell her apart from the others.
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