June 18, 2009

it's officially happened. i am tired. not just tired, but bone crushing no-energy pregnant tired. it's hot and humid here and i just plain don't want to do anything. my back hurts. i don't sleep well. i took yesterday off work and did nothing but rest and i still feel like i could take another day off. it supposed to be 90° and storming for the next two days.

the good news is tomorrow is friday, and then it's saturday and more days of resting. if by resting you mean working in the kitchen, which is what we will be doing instead of resting. the closer the kitchen gets to being done the more i just want to work and work and finish it so i can rest more permanently.

we walked the dogs over to the farmer's market last night and it was very... neighborhoodsy. we shared a big blue sno cone and lots of people and their kids came up to meet nico and bang. i conversed with strangers and i was actually nice to them. poor jon, it's hard for him to convince me to leave our house and go to places where we don't know anyone but i actually enjoyed myself. our neighborhood is full of people close to our age and people with little kids even if they are all crazy hippies. it's nice, jude will just have lots of hippy friends with long dirty hair who eat stuff like kale and wheat germ. there could be worse problems i guess.

i have been telling jon for weeks how much i want to go swimming and whining and whining about it. ironically, on our way to the farmer's market we turned the corner less than a block from our house and discovered oh hey, yeah, that's a public pool. it's been there the whole time. it's those big blue holes in the ground attached to the community center i drive by every day. i'm smart i swear.
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