the birth plan

July 27, 2009

so yeah, we have a birth plan. chock full of all that natural birthing crap i was going on and on about last week. (if anyone cares i'd be happy to post it, but i'm not sure if anyone actually wants to read it so let me know) it's interesting, some people think birth plans are a complete waste of time and some people think they are the most important part. i'd be curious to hear from someone who works in L&D as to if they find them useful at all. as a birthing mom you hope it helps the nurses get to know you better so everyone can be on the same page. as a nurse i'm sure they all roll their eyes because these first-time mom's have all these pre-conceived ideas about "what they want". it probably also depends on what you write in it though. if it's 10 pages long and totally unreasonable the nurses are probably going to think you're an idiot. i've cut ours down to a single page of bullet points, trying to guarantee as much as possible that someone will actually read it.

i guess you just have to hope that your nurses (and even your doctor) are interested in honoring your wishes. i think this is particularly scary for me because my doctor's office is so big. out of my 7 doctors, any one of them could be on call at the hospital for delivery. and some of them i have only met/seen once. the ones i have talked to it about have been very pro-natural birth. but what happens if i get the one i don't know who... isn't? i guess we just cross our fingers. another one of those things you just can't plan for. unless you hire a doula. which is a great idea but the last thing i want to do this late in the game is throw another person in the mix. someone who i'm not comfortable with and have to pay. maybe next time.
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