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July 6, 2009

dear orange diaper bag, i love you.

after going to the northside 4th of july parade a few blocks from our house (which was totally awesome, even in the rain) we headed up to indy for the baby shower with our families. i'm not the kind of person that gets into showers. i hated all our wedding showers just because being the center of attention makes me so anxious. so i was not looking forward to the all-ladies baby shower- dreading it is probably more accurate. the good news was that it was a combo-shower for jon's sister and i which took the pressure off quite a bit, but the bad news was no boys allowed so our husbands and dads got to head out and eat cajun food and drink beer (which sounds way more fun, come on).

i always stress about those kinds of events so all week i was prepping up, painting my nails & toenails, washing my face all nicely so it would look pretty (aaaaannd it broke out majorly the day before the shower, of course. thanks face!), and picking out a cute shirt to wear (it had ruffles! and as soon as i washed it... a huge weird stain appeared on it and i had to throw it away. thanks stupid target sale shirt). i was cranky because i wasn't at the pool sitting in the sunshine. and i stress out because jon's siblings are all in a constant state of fighting with each other about one thing or another and gee, won't it be fun for us to all be together in one room, plus my mom? yay!


it was actually ok. better than ok. it was nice. i still don't like the whole everyone looking at me part, but having my sister-in-law there to share it with helped a ton. and i ate a ton of delicious foods. and oh god, they loaded us up with so much baby gear. i mean those ladies really outdid themselves i can't believe it. we had a hard time packing all of it into the car to drive home last night. and then as we were driving every time i would come to a stop boxes would fly out of the back into nico's head which i'm sure he was not thrilled about.

it's amazing that in one day i went from feeling like we had hardly anything to feeling... actually pretty prepared for jude to come. i mean, as prepared as you can be with having lots of little baby supplies. it feels great. there are really only a few things we didn't get that we need. it definitely makes it feel more real and exciting that jude will be here soon (8 weeks!).

crazy. i'm tired though. we didn't pull into the driveway at home until almost midnight. and then when i finally crawled into bed it was hard to get to sleep because i kept thinking about all the tiny baby things and how i want to take them all out of their boxes and organize them because i am insane. and hungry.

crisis averted. the end. bring on the cheez-its.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

SO glad that you had a good time at yours and jude's baby shower. I'm with you... I was so ridiculously uncomfortable at my ginormous wedding shower, however I had a really GREAT time at my baby showers.

No pressure - just easy.

Glad to see that you're a bit more prepared. Can you believe it's only 8 more weeks?!?!


(Love that diaper bag.)

wrestling kitties

Um, LOVE that diaper bag!

I am glad you had a good time at your shower. I am with you, I was very uncomfortable at my wedding shower and some wedding showers can seem so lame and boring (I really don't understand the point in this day and age). However, when I go to baby showers they are fun. I think because even though it is about you it is also about your baby and that is awesome!

You are getting so close!

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