die, cruel world.

July 7, 2009

why, why why why why why why why why why WHY would you replace all the automatic air fresheners in our office building with ones that make SUPER POWERFUL baby powder smell?!? it's been like this for over 2 months and i still gag every time i go into the bathroom. which is often. seriously people, who thinks that smells nice? i'd rather smell poop-smell. and it doesn't just stay inside the bathrooms either, the smell is so strong it wafts around the entire building. it charmingly greets you in the lobby. and if you dare to actually go into the bathroom- WHAM it is multiplied by 100.

hello, welcome to our very professional business office. yes we're actually standing inside a giant diaper. isn't it lovely?


wrestling kitties

blech, I would not enjoy that.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Ew. I hate the baby powder smell.

Mickey Dee

Stuff that is used to make a baby's butt smell better and prevent rash, should not be used as a room freshener.

Nor should it be used for deodorant.



The woman that cleans where I work has placed air fresheners in every room, all with different scents. So on my way out of my office, I pass the kitchen, which reeks of "plumeria" or something gross like that, and down the hall she has "sea breeze" and then onto the mail cubicle, which smells of "coconut dream" or rather "puke" (it's nasty) (and WHY would the mail cubicles need an air freshener, I ask you?!) and then, I get to the bathroom, and there are two air fresheners in there, plus each and every stall has a spray bottle of air freshener. So it's really classy when you walk in there and someone has done some business but tried to spray over it. The spray is competing with the poo which is competing with the OTHER air freshener. It's all just too much for my olfactory senses.

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