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July 1, 2009

this website is HILARIOUS.

in, oh say, 2 months (ALARM! PANIC!), we are going to be parents. i'm down with that. we're excited. but can i tell you how freaked out i am by people who are obsessed with their babies? there is a normal amount of, "ohhhh, look at my cute baby! he/she is so new and awesome! i made you!" that is perfectly acceptable and that is not what i'm talking about. (KY over at twopretzels is a good example of how to do it NOT creepily. same with dooce and new little marlo. thumbs up ladies.) but... there are people who take that to a whole other level of overboard crazy-style. the type of people who keep telling me about how *Magical* everything is going to be.

i'm sorry but you're going to have a hard time convincing me that pushing a baby out of my normally little lady parts and staying up at all hours of the night to let it chew on my boobs is magical. bleeding afterwards for up to 2 months/stitches/etc? magical? no. necessary for procreation? sure. it's part of the deal to get to the part where they actually talk and interact with you. maybe it is magical for some people, but as i mentioned before, i'm not really the gushy-mushy type. and don't even get me started on people who say that having a baby brings you closer to jesus and the magic of god. ugh. so here's to jon and i continuing to be normal people even as we raise our adorable, sassy spawn.

obviously i'm going to be writing a lot about mr. jude, as i have about my pregnancy. that was kind of the point of this whole business. i just hope i can keep it out of the realm of sickeningly sweet and into the realm of hilariously badass. or at least like, marginally cute. as much as i love reading baby blogs the saccharine sweet i-love-babies thing is just too much for me. (cough cough, girls gone child, i'm looking at you)

if i ever sound like that please send me some internet beatdown, deal?


Ky (Two Pretzels)

You make me smile. This is also my fear - that my once-fun-and-light-and-easy blog will turn into an ode to Lila. :)

I believe that *whatever* you post on this here blog, it'll be pretty great and as you said, only "marginally cute."


God bless you for being realistic about the truth of childbirth. Blood seeping from your lady parts for weeks (if not months) post birth isn't exactly sugar and spice and everything nice. :)

Can't wait to "meet" Jude. (Have I told you that I love that name? I do.)


i find william to be magically delicious...every second of every minute of every hour. i want to eat him up and then poop him back out but in three-fold so that we have three of him. that's how magically delicious he is to us. ORRRRRR...there are days that we are willing to GIVE him away. b/c we're normal and that's what parents sometimes wanna do (unlike girlsgonechild - which I was JUST catching up on today ;) i'm just sayin'...

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