July 31, 2009

i was specially saving this photo for this week's doctor's appointment when i was scheduled to start having internal exams, but then i found out i could decline them... so i'm not having any. let's just enjoy this humor now instead. (for those blissfully unaware, internal exams are when the dr shoves their hand up in your lady parts to feel around for stuff and "see how things are going." it's that scientific. which is why i'm refusing them.)

jon went with me to the doctor this week (actually it was monday, i'm a little late in updating you, ok jerks?) for my 35 week checkup. he hasn't come with me in a long long time because seriously, it's boring. but anyway, we waited and waited in the lobby and then finally when it was my turn they put us in a room. and the jerky nurse (i've had her before) was all, "they're going to begin internal exams today, so please undress from the waist down." and i was all, "dr. horn told me i could decline internals, so no." and then she got really really mad and was all, "well i don't think so, but i'll just let you talk to the doctor about that." and she slammed her stupid way out the door. and i was all fuming to jon, like dude, that lady is a bitch. am i going to have to fight with everyone about this? commence the worrying. but then the doctor (new doctor this time) came in and was all, "oh, yeah that's fine. i don't really care. but let's make sure he's head down."

and so, they whisked us over to the ultrasound room and turned on the machine for a whole 10 seconds. it was a speed ultrasound, she just jammed the thing on there and was like yep, that's a big round head down there all ready to go! and goodbye get out.

so, he's head down, yay! go jude! that also means that those weird parts that jut out of my stomach all the time are most likely 80% ass, 20% toes. who knew? and they don't want to see me again until the 10th, which i thought was odd but i'm not complaining.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Head down is GOOD news. GO Jude. He's a good one already!

(My internal exams didn't start until I was something like 38 weeks and by that time I wanted Lila O.U.T. so any positive words about my dilation/effacement and her forthcoming entrance into the world were exceedingly welcomed by me.)

Note: I feel that the internal exams hurt. And I also felt that C. might at any moment leap over me and punch the male doctor in the face or junk.

Note #2: I'd like to comment that I'd NEVER, EVER, EVER want to be an OB/GYN.

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