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July 30, 2009

i came home to this earlier in the week. remember, way way back when i wrote this post about how nico HATES bang? (actually you probably don't, because that was before anyone read this crap.) ...ok we'll he still hates her. but look! they're ALMOST touching! and no one is growling!

dear nico, you really are much too big to fit in that chair. i like how you've pushed the cushion out to make a ledge for your legs to rest on because DUDE, you DON'T FIT IN THAT CHAIR. i don't know why everyone loves to sit in the fancy chair. but it is a hot ticket item around here.

true love.

and this is why bang is the weirdest dog ever. and definitely the weirdest sleeping dog. oh yeah, also? that's our *movie closet*. yes we have assigned an entire closet devoted only to our dvds. and it's sparkly silver with velvet draperies and a chandelier. because that's how we roll.

dear nico (again), i don't know why you insist on itching your arm this way, but it is really ineffective. and you look silly. but i like it. bye!


Ky (Two Pretzels)

(I really like your fancy chair.)

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