remind me why i live in ohio again?

July 13, 2009

friday afternoon i had another worthless doctor's appointment. everything is fine and normal as expected. i usually go early in the morning instead of late in the day so i'm not used to having to wait very long. i was waiting in the lobby friday for an hour for them to call me back. i was not happy. mostly because i really had to pee. arg. so, while waiting and waiting and trying to entertain myself on my cell phone, i watched a pretty hilarious situation go down.

the waiting room was packed, but at the end of the room a guy was sprawled out across an entire couch. sleeping. he couldn't have been older than 18 or 20, though really it's hard to tell. he had the bleach blond close-cut hair and khaki shorts and big puffy white high-tops with the one shiny earring. yeah he was classy. i kept trying to snap secret photos of him with my cell phone but sitting directly next to sleeping guy was this huge fat man that kept glaring at me for some reason. so i could never manage to get a good covert-ops photo without giant fat guy giving me the evil eye. i now have a lot of blurry pictures of the side my my purse though, score!

just as i gave up and lost hope his long-lost lady comes out into the lobby to claim him. it was funny enough just to watch her go over and kick him to wake him up, but then she turned around. she, like him, *may* have been 18? she had the total stereotypical skunk-stripe beauty-school hair. and she was wearing this shirt:

it was almost more than i could take to not laugh out loud. and not because i think that shirt is even remotely "funny". then her dad stood up. yes her large redneck dad in the plaid shirt was also there. i had no idea because he was sitting by himself across the room from said "boyfriend". then they all left together to go to mc donalds. or walmart. or hunting. whatever. i'm pretty sure i was not the only person in the waiting room watching this debacle either.

oh dear. i figured since our hospital tour didn't have too many hilarious dysfunctional couples in it for me to make fun of and we aren't taking a birthing class i wouldn't get to have one of those stories. but ohio proved me wrong once again. and please don't buy me one of those shirts. i might punch you in the throat.



Oh dear. That's just not right. I really can't think of anything more to say. Oh my.


That shirt is just awful. Nothin' says "I'm ready to be a mom" than that.

Mickey Dee

At first I thought the shirt was cute, then I relooked and saw the middle finger. And then I threw up in my mouth a little.

Sigh. And double, more exasperated, sigh.

p.s. I love it that you were trying to take cell phone photos of that guy! That's a riot!


i have 3 of those shirts...all different colors. what of it?!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I am laughing because I too have wanted to take covert photos of crazies from my cell phone, too.

I love that you actually did it.

And as for that shirt? Wow.




Oh that poor, poor baby. You painted quite the picture! This line especially: "then they all left together to go to mc donalds. or walmart. or hunting. whatever."


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