July 12, 2009

the pope is scary. look at those evil lazer-beam eyes. and no, spellcheck, you'll never convince me that 'lazer' is spelled with an 's'.

"I'm holy! Obey! ZEEOOOOWW!"



I rarely comment on the blogs of people I don't know and I rarely laugh out loud, but I'm doing both right now! Love it!


as a converted Catholic (don't ask...i did it for love)...i find this post...TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!!!

Pope (Eggs) Benedict IS a bit scary. But then again, I find the whole Pope thing a bit scary.

And with that, I have just guaranteed myself a place in hell. :)

the grumbles

i liked the old pope alright but this new pope... i don't know, man, he's a creeper.

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