tmi tuesday

July 28, 2009

i'm thinking of starting a new feature here, tmi tuesdays. i think i tend to play it safe and not tell you, dear readers, very personal or embarrassing stories because you know, that's personal... and embarrassing. and my mom reads this. on the whole i don't really like to tell anyone anything, but i'm going to consider this my friendly reminder to myself that the whole point of blogging is to share way too much information with you. and much like friday finds, i can't promise that it'll happen every tuesday, but maybe some of them. and if you ever happen to share any of my vices feel free to stand with me in solidarity, anonymously if you prefer.

it has become a recurring problem in my pregnancy that i randomly forget to wear underpants. before this i just wore them inside out all the time.

if you courtesy flush in stall #1, you'll be sorry. it will spray your back with water. found that out the hard way.

and speaking of bathrooms, if we run out of toilet paper, even if the new roll is right there and ready to be used, i'll just grab a tissue and continue on my merry way rather than put the new one on the roll. sorry jon.
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