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July 22, 2009

remember back in the day when you were a little kid and every week felt like a month and every weekend felt like it lasted a week? yeah those days are so over. now time flies by, passed by doing stupid worthless daily things. every day i get up and go to work, usually not on time since no one at my office seems to care, and then i work at my desk all day and don't talk to anyone. and i eat the same foods, every day. and then i go home for the best and shortest part of the day which is hanging out with jon. and then it's over and i go to bed and do it again. it's a zombie life we live sometimes. time is passing.

all the *fancy* bloggers are talking about getting ready to go to blogher this weekend (the big pro-blogging conference, if you didn't know), of which i am extremely jealous. not only do they all get to go to chicago and have fun, but they are all so fancy and know each other. so fancy.

which brings me to topic #3- if anyone would like to give me a free vacation, you just let me know. because i'd really like to escape from this place for a while. to the beach preferably.

bang continues to be much more popular than i am on twitter. it's really getting out of hand.

jon and some friends are going to a concert saturday night and i'm debating on joining them-
pro: i like this band. it is only $8. i never hang out with anyone and avoid going outside my home.
con: it's in kentucky where people are allowed to smoke inside. not cool. i will probably be tired and boring and complain, and then complain that i'm complaining and smell like smoke. i like to be alone.

in conclusion, i would like very much to go home now and take a nap. the end.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

I just happened to live within two seconds from the beach. Come one down. :)

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