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August 17, 2009

this is the world's tiniest, cutest, t-shirt. gah!

so this week is week, ummm... 38? 39? yeah something like that. two weeks till my due date. last monday at my doctor's appointment we were officially told that any time he wants to come he is good to go. however, he doesn't really seem into that and that's ok by me. you know what's scary? that tiny shirt has probably fit him for more than a month. it might even be too small when he comes out, which would be so sad because freaking LOOK at it.

he is doing good in there, as far as i can tell. he kicks around still but now it is STRONG and HURTS and OMG IS THAT YOUR LEG PUT THAT BACK IN THERE RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN! things down there are achy but i guess that's to be expected. last week my feet finally started swelling during the day but i guess i was pretty damned lucky to only have it happen in my last few weeks. what else?? just waiting along. feeling ok. big and tired. i'm not quite ready for him to come out of there yet. i feel like there are so many things i still want to do, like dust and vacuum and scrub the bathroom floor and install the car seat and sew curtains and you know, generally freak out about things. and ps, we don't have daycare lined up yet for after my maternity leave, can i tell you how much that is freaking me out? SO MUCH.

but you know how many of those things i have done in the last few days? NONE. you know why? no air conditioning. it was 95° in our house yesterday. i refused to leave the bedroom and cried and cried. i would say that i'm really happy and feeling good at this point in my pregnancy... as long as i'm in an air conditioned room. when i'm not things seem to deteriorate rapidly into sweating and crying. the repair guy is supposed to come out tomorrow and look at it again to see if our home warranty will cover the repair. cross your fingers.

you know what DID happen over the weekend? we finally finished tiling the kitchen floor. forever ago the first thing we did in the new kitchen was tile the floor except around the radiator and in the pantry because they are both a huge pain in the ass. they are finally tiled and grouted and we even tiled the movie closet with the leftover slate. score!

are you ready for this? it's a little alarming...

here's the belly at week 8, week 15, week 28, and today at week 39. and just so you can see how totally crazy my belly looks, here it is again, in my vanity mirror:

saturday before our friends threw us a baby shower party i was getting ready and happened to glance over at myself in the mirror and- SHABAM- stretch marks. i have some on my hips which were there before from a childhood growth spurt. but apparently there are now a few under my belly and i had no idea because i can't see anything below my boobs. that was a fun surprise. what! hey! how long have you been there?! what's going on down there! it's very strange not to be able to see large portions of your body at all and forget about shaving, it's a lost cause at this point.

i have another doctor's checkup today in a few minutes but they are so boring these days i'm not even going to wait to post this. i'll wait in the waiting room forever, they will take my blood pressure, i'll pee in a cup, the end.

so any time now we could have a baby. like, tonight. a baby. or in three weeks. who knows? i like this part it feels very adventure-y. and i don't feel like there's too much hurry to rush him out any time soon. in fact it would be better if he could stay in there either until this god-awful heat ends or the air conditioning is fixed, because pregnant person in the heat? bad. newborn in the heat? probably worse. then there would be cranky three of us instead of cranky two of us.

so stay in there, sir! at least for the next few days. and heads up internet- if you care about this whole thing in detail i will probably be twittering during labor, at least in the beginning. so if you're wondering what the scoop is check there first for any exciting developments, otherwise you can probably assume that i'm moping around somewhere in the heat worrying about the cleanliness of my floors.



you are a much braver person than I!!! Good luck with the heat-its brutal oh and good luck with the waiting game, i am sure everything will be perfect!


You have my DEEPEST sympathies about the lack of air conditioning, I cannot even imagine the misery of being big and (now) puffy and in the HEAT! Ugh. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get your A/C fixed!!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

A. That t-shirt is ADORABLE. (Lila just grew out of hers like that this week. I cried when I put them away.)

B. Your belly is cute. I know you don't want to hear that. But it is.

C. I love your tattoo.

D. I just talked to jude and told him not to come out until the A/C is fixed. He's totally on board.

E. BEST of luck to you - I *know* that you will be amazing. I cannot WAIT until you can look into jude's little ojos (eyes) and just smile. 'Tis a cool thing.


Let's go team!

wrestling kitties

Oh my goodness, he will be here so soon! YAY!!

You look really good, even if you don't feel it. And I could not imagine no AC - blech. I hope that gets fixed right away!

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