the builders and the gerbils

August 3, 2009

jon convinced me last week to go to the builders and the butchers concert with him and a some of our friends. their music is all old-timey style, pretty much the show carnivale in music form which is amazing. plus it was $5. the down side was the show was at a bar in kentucky, and across the river in redneckland you can still smoke in bars. sad times, as cigarettes, besides being stinky and gross, make pregnant-me very queasy.

we showed up at the place which i had heard from a friend was pretty skeevy. you have. no. idea. it clearly used to be a strip club. everything had neon blue and pink lights around it accented here and there with glass block walls. and the carpet (yes, i said carpet) was totally roller rink carpet and i'm really glad i never had to touch it with my feet at any time. the bathroom? i mean i'm pretty tough, we've traveled across the country, i've been in tons of truck stops and diners and whatever other horrible bathrooms you can imagine, but seriously, this bathroom was the worst ive ever seen. and of course i had to pee within 5 minutes of getting there. but i figured hey, it's early! maybe it won't be too bad yet. well yes, that would be true if they had ever cleaned it from the night/week/month before. but clearly that was not the case. let me tell you that the pregnant hover-pee is ever so challenging. a while later one of our friends needed to pee and i warned him ahead of time and he rolled up his pant legs above his shoes in fear, and he was glad that he did when he came back out.

this crap was supposed to start at 8 and we showed up around then. they hadn't even opened the doors. by 930 there were still no bands playing. eventually some girl got up there and sang by herself. and she was pretty good, though her name made me hate her before i even heard her play. wonky tonk? really? honey you can sing, please get yourself another name. and apparently her band didn't show up? but i missed that and i thought she was joking about "sounding better with her band" so i kept saying things like, "shut up and play! we don't care about you talking!"

and then the next opening band came on... pilgrim. apparently that's their name. (which i have renamed them Nazerdune, because it's much funnier) it was the worst jam band i've ever heard and it just went on and on and on and on and i kept going outside for the fresh air. and then i would come back inside and it actually smelled better because 10,000 gerbils must have died/peed somewhere outside that bar. and everyone around me apologized profusely to jude for him having to hear their crappy playing while in womb. i tried to find them online for you but *thank god* they don't appear to have a website. it's probably for the best.

and when the builders and the butchers finally played it was awesome. they are totally entertaining to watch and the crowd was all happy not to be listening to CRAP anymore, and we dragged a stool out in front of the stage so i didn't have to stand up.

and then i started having contractions.

yeah seriously.

smokey crap bar + really loud drum music = braxton hicks.

so after they were done playing i had to drive us straight home, because of course i was dd, and then lay down and drink water and go to bed. but since then nothing, and the doctor was not at all concerned. so uh, that's that.
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