i couldn't resist

August 10, 2009

my plan yesterday was to take belly photos for you (and do a lot of other things) but, during the heat advisory that has been issued in cincinnati, our air conditioning broke. so no, i didn't take any photos. i didn't really do anything besides lay around covered in bags of ice, moaning with sadness. the repair people are supposed to hit us up this afternoon so hopefully everything will be ok and it won't cost a bazillion dollars to fix, or i will cry and stand in the cold cold shower again for many hours.

anyway, in lieu of the nice photos i wanted to show you, i bought this yesterday on etsy:

i couldn't resist. organic wood "brass knuckle" teething ring, yeah! and then when i came to work this morning someone left an envelope on my desk with $20 in it since they couldn't make it to my work shower. i wonder how she would feel if she knew her gift money went to buy this very important item... high priority? i think definitely yes.

i'm going to go back to feeling sorry for myself and my incredibly crappy night of sleep now and then it's off to the doctor this afternoon. bye!


Ky (Two Pretzels)

This makes me smile.

Jude is already cool.


Haha, this is fantastic. And yes, it's 4 am- I can't sleep and I'm looking through everyone's old blog posts..... that's normal right?

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