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August 24, 2009

i haven't forgotten about you. i'm just... waiting. i mean honestly at this point i don't have a lot else on my mind besides, "hmmm, that feels strange, is anything going to happen today!?" and how many times can i really write that out before it gets annoying? once, maybe twice.

things are fine/good. at my doctor's appointment this morning they confirmed yet again that i seem to be the healthiest pregnant person alive and ok goodbye call us if anything interesting happens. i've been having contractions like mad all week but nothing particularly productive. i do think that he officially "dropped" yesterday, which was crazy because we saw it. i feel great. just... waiting for stuff to decide it's really time and not just practicing time. if i took a stiff walk around the block we could probably have a baby by tomorrow but that really sounds like a lot of work.

i think we're as ready as we're going to be. my list of "things to do" is down to only a few items and at this point i'm not really sure how much i care about them anyway. the house is (mostly) clean. my bag has been packed for a few weeks now and i charged all the various camera batteries over the weekend. and, hooray! the hospital has wireless internet. and i got a hair cut saturday, against jon's advice, but i'm very happy that i won't have to worry about it again for a while.

friday we interviewed the last of the babysitters and WINNER. i LOVE her. so that has been a HUGE load off my mind. we have a super-organic hippie daycare lady lined up, you can breath freely now, though i have no idea how we'll pay her. and we put in the carseat-

ok no, we didn't. but we tried! i was vacuuming the car while jon read the instructions and then it started raining so we went back inside and watched tv. eh, whatever.

so... just hanging around waiting for time to pass. resting and cleaning. i can't promise i'll have a lot to tell you in the next few days if they continue on like they have been. i go back and forth between getting really excited for him to come and then feeling really not ready. i'm still not feeling that whole "get this baby out!" thing that apparently most pregnant people feel by now. i'm weird, what can i say? jude is huge and kicking me and some time sooner or later he will come out of there. the end.



sounds like youre as ready as you could ever be! good luck!

wrestling kitties

Well we are just waiting to hear when little Jude is here!! :)

It sounds like just about everything is in place, wonderful!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Glad to hear that you're ready to go!
Thinking about you. So exciting.

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