junk mail WIN.

August 28, 2009

so this morning in my inbox at work i received the following message:

Subject: she will scurry home. Get

First week or two, Betty took little pains to conceal the fact that she and the Grants had a new interest in common. Then one day Becky did not come over, though the white handkerchief was displayed betimes; and when, as soon as possible, Betty hurried over to see what the matter was, Becky showed unmistakable signs of briefness and grumpiness of speech, and declared that she was busy at home, and evidently did not care for the news that an old AEolian harp had been discovered on a high upper shelf and carried to one of the dormer windows, where it was then wailing. The plaintive strains of it would have suited Becky's spirit and temper of mind excellently. It did not occur to Betty until she was going home, disappointed, that the club was beginning to make trouble; then her own good temper was spoiled for that day, and she was angry with Becky for thinking that she had no right to be intimate with anybody else. So serious a disagreement had never parted them before.

... i don't know what exactly this means, but it is awesome. i have so many questions. are betty and the grants swingers? is the white handkerchief their secret sign for "come and get it?" what club is betty coming home from, and what the hell is with the harp? is becky, becky grant? is this some kind of love triangle between becky, betty, and the harp? all junk mail should be like this. nothing else to report, sorry guys.



how come your spam is more interesting then my spam!?! all i get are the vi*gra emails encouraging me to "increase my size" and "make her squeal"...some people have all the luck!!
Happy Friday!

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