TMI tuesday

August 4, 2009

(heads up adam and other men, you'll probably want to stop reading right about now.)

have you ever worn more than one tampon at once, by accident? let me tell you, that was one of the most horrific and mortifying moments of my life. some sleepy morning i put another one in without (apparently) taking the other one out. and then when i went to check on things later they BOTH came out. cringe, yell, cry, eww.

i feel slightly better about this based on one of blogher's community keynotes, Stuck in the Middle with You by Knotty Yarn. but, not that much better. cheers.


wrestling kitties

eeek! It has never happened (almost once in college when I was completely shit-faced but at the last moment I realized), but is a fear of mine!


OMG! i have totally done that in the past, i thought i was the only one...thanks!

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