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September 22, 2009

so jon insisted that we take jude down to oktoberfest on saturday. i was skeptical about going out in public with so many people for so long but- it was good. we carted the boy down there in the maya wrap sling (we have several slings but we use this one most so far, both of us can use it pretty easily). i know this is probably going to scandalize the world, but not only did we not get one of those giant travel systems, we don't have a stroller OR one of those car seat carriers. we have arms. arms for holding and cuddling babies.

for those unaware cincinnati hosts america's largest oktoberfest, because this town is so ridiculously german. and it is a really big deal they close off all of downtown and cover the place with beer tents and lederhosen and strudel. this was our third time going, though very different than our experience other years. our first time we went with a bunch of friends from work and school. but we were poor so we went to a mexican restaurant right around the corner from the festival where they had $2 margaritas. jon broke a lamp. with his hand. and for some reason they didn't make us pay for it. but when we got out to walk around glass had shot out of the lamp and cut a big hole in his knee that we didn't notice and it was shooting blood everywhere. i think that was also the year i tried to withdraw $40 from the ATM and accidentally withdrew $400. let's just say i don't really use the ATM often. who only takes cash these days?? or maybe that happened last year? jon? do you remember? last year jon and i went alone because we couldn't round up any friends to go with us. we walked down (we were living downtown still then) around 6 o'clock and by 9 pm we were stumbling back home completely tanked. it was a special night, to say the least. in fact it's the same night this photo of me hugging a man in a bear suit from my about me page was taken.

so this year jon wanted to continue the tradition, minus the completely drunk part. so we took jude down and ate goetta balls, and strudel, and made jude dance to the chicken dance, and drank beer. yes! i had my first post-baby beer! i haven't had any delicious life-giving beer in like, 11 months. i only drank most of my stein because i had to feed the boy periodically, but it was tasty. i think we were officially the people there with the youngest baby, though i was surprised at how many kids were there. i guess i've never noticed before but apparently it's a family event. i was probably too drunk to notice.

oh! i nearly forgot to tell you the best part of the story! i was feeding jude and jon was in line for beer so i was standing off to the side of the christian moerline tent when this guy walks up to me, starts to talk to me, then looks down and says, "you have a baby." and then just... walks away. you go jude! repel the creepers! i could get used to that.

one of our friends called this the worst family portrait ever, but jude's there in the sling, i promise.

jude and jon people watching and chicken dancing.

so we have officially adventured out into public with the boy. he's also been to target, CVS, and lots of times in the car for coffee runs. i'm getting braver. and i breastfed at oktoberfest- twice! and at target! i feel like an official mom. and it is surprisingly easy and discrete in the sling, A+.

i know i'm still slacking off on posting, but i swear this kid is having some kind of crazy growth spurt over here because he has suddenly in the last 2 days decided he needs to eat every hour. i haven't forgotten you! there is more to come! on breastfeeding and the postpartum woman. and then maybe some stuff that isn't related to babies if we're trying to be ambitious.

mama out.



We have the same sling, and I love it. It's so much easier to cart the little ones in slings than in strollers. I do have a stroller, but just the running kind.

And nursing in public - rock on! I'm still sort of nervous about it, but I admire women who can do it.

wrestling kitties

Sounds like a pretty fun time out! I agree, there is SO much shit for babies that are not needed AT ALL.

(love that baby sling)

and you go with your breastfeeding out in public self :)

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