the postpartum experience

September 30, 2009

so i just had a baby, what happens next? oh, i'll tell you all about it. or at least as much as i can remember i don't really sleep that often and there is a lot to say.

i gave birth at 3:30 am. which was fine, except that means that by the time i got to our shared recovery room it was 5 am. and then the nurses came in to check on me, and then the breakfast lady came at 8am, etc etc. i felt... tired. beyond tired. i would never EVER run a marathon but i imagine that's what you feel like afterwards. jon started calling it the utherthon. oh, my sore sore abs. and they give you the spray bottle for cleaning your poor beat up lady bits, and the mesh underpants, and the giant pads. i probably could have gotten more rest in the hospital but seriously that bed? horrible. beyond horrible. by the time i left i was enjoying some charming back pain. and poor jon slept on the floor. and we had a roommate the first night, which was totally awkward since we woke her up when they brought us in at 5am and made me watch a video about how to care for a baby (PRO TIP from the video: feed the baby. hold the baby.) we convinced them to check us out 36 hours later because i was DYING to go home. my back hurt, i was bored, and i wanted to be at home to hang out with the señor jude.

the best part about the first few days was that jude was super tired and easy to take care of. feed, sleep. sleep more. sleep even more. so what have i been doing since then? how are things going? it depends on the day but overall great. we have had a few rough nights here and there. but jude is awesome. tonight he will be four weeks old. holy shit! where did the time go! he eats every 2 hours, that's where it goes. like clockwork. there is no disrupting the schedule, woman OR YOU WILL PAY. and he will make you pay WITH HIS LOUD VOICE. so that's where the time has gone. feed the boy. entertain the boy. he naps. he poops. he eats again. repeat. if you do this at the properly appointed times he is a very happy, smiling baby. if you don't, he is a screaming baby. but at least he doesn't (so far) scream for no reason... knock on wood. and at night he sleeps a little longer between feedings, like 3-4 hours.

my recovery? things seem better. to be honest i'm afraid to look down there an make sure i didn't end up with a frankengina like this lady. you just kind of keep it clean and pat it dry and hope for the best. after a few days i was less sore in my back and abs. at the hospital i picked up some kind of cold so for the first few days i had a terrible runny nose which was fun. now i just have to deal with the lochia which, ew. but not that bad. and i try to sleep when i can and really overall i feel great. i'm also afraid to step on a scale or try to put on real clothes yet. i'm just not ready to deal with that though they'll probably make me at my postpartum checkup next week. and eventually i guess i have to stop wearing stretchy gaucho pants every day and brush my hair.

i like the kid, things are good around here. busy but good. yesterday? i sang him wake up by arcade fire. and he smiled at me. that sound you heard was probably my heart exploding.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Yay! Yay! Yay! I've been eagerly awaiting a post. I'm glad to hear that you're getting [some] sleep.

It looks to me like you gave birth to a little angel.

EMBRACE every second. I've been a parent for a little over 3 months and I SWEAR they grow far too quickly for my liking.

(P.S. What a CUTIE.)

(Love your new blog header, too.)

wrestling kitties

I am glad to hear things are going well!! (minus the frankengina - ha)

Enjoy this time and we are thinking about you!

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