and never the twain shall meet

October 26, 2009

when we brought jude home we were naturally psyched to introduce him to bang and nico. and their reactions were pretty much what i expected. old man nico smelled his hand, wagged his tail, and now firmly ignores him. he's busy sleeping and trying to keep his beloved toy towel away from bang. bang is another story. oh how she loves the little boy. i knew she would because she loves all the kids we meet at the dog park. she will lay next to me when i hold him and sneak around and lick his head. and if he cries in his bouncer for more than a few minutes she will run to him and sit next to him to make sure he's ok. she's maybe a little overexcited, but better overexcited than pissed. besides, i think she knows they were destined to be best troublemaking friends.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Que preciousa. So sweet.


That is so adorable! what a great thing to have happen!

wrestling kitties

Oh, what a good big sister! to cute

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