October 20, 2009

dear reader,

it's not that i've been avoiding you, except maybe i have been a little. it's like we are distant pen-friends. but we're going to remedy this situation here and now.

maternity leave has been much different than i expected. i thought oh, i will be so bored at home by myself, i'll have nothing to do! evidently this is something people who have never had a baby say, because dude, i'm busy. taking care of a little baby is a full time job, i don't really get to sit around and do nothing. he eats, which takes about 30-40 minutes, then maybe a diaper change, short nap, and 2 hours (from the time he started eating last) it starts all over again. i don't have time to be bored. i don't have time to pee, or eat, or feed the dogs, though i am more used to the routine by now. and i can't believe how fast time has passed. i only have one week of leave left! holy shit! then back to work and jude is off to the babysitter, which is a whole other issue. what am i going to do!? i'll miss out on my daily reruns of old episodes of ER!

so i have been busy. i could say that's my excuse for not writing more. but i also feel like i'm in an awkward place. i hate the term "mommyblogger" it feels... slimy. boring. gross. but at the same time i have a baby and that's pretty much all i do, so all the posts i want to write are about baby stuff. i've been wanting to write so many things about breastfeeding, and babysitters, and everything else but i've been holding off for fear of alienating you with all the baby talk.

so i'm sorry, dearest reader, if you think reading about baby stuff is boring but i'm going to write about what's going on. and what's going on is baby. and if that makes me a mommyblogger, i guess that's what i am. and i'm just going to have to come to terms with that. i was reading through some of my older posts through the end of my pregnancy and realizing how much i miss writing here and getting my thoughts out. so i'm going to write about whatever i damn well please. even if it's just about stupid babies. and i hope you'll continue to join me.

much love,


Sarah stupid babies! Babies are great! You have to remember this is your blog and no one else's, so you write about whatever you want! I, for one, will still read!

(I can only imagine, with your humor, how funny posts about breastfeeding and others will be!)

Ky (Two Pretzels)

A. I love your blog.
B. I also was semi-reticent about being a "mommy blogger." It just doesn't sound too cool. Bottom line - what's going on in your life? Jude's going on in your life. We want to hear about it.
C. Your blog is a little window into your world. I, for one, am pleased you've allowed us to peek in. And, I enjoy your writing style.
D. Being a mommy is hard work. It's much harder than I'd ever thought - it's nice to see/read that others feel the same way.

P.S. Please throw in dog pictures when you can. I enjoy those, too.

Adam Claxon

I wouldn't care what others think. This is for you, and if people don't like it they can read something else. Being honest will atract readers, though.

That said, I'm excited to read the baby stuff. I never get to see you or Jon, so it's a cool way for me to selfishly find ut what's going on with you guys.


its your blog! and if you write about what is going on in your life (baby!) thats totally cool!!

wrestling kitties

I love your blog and will keep on reading no matter what it is about or how refequently you write! And of course you should write about little Jude because he is such an important and relivant part of your life! I for one enjoy it :)


Write what's on your mind. It'll be better that way. Plus, I'm not a mommy yet, but when/if I am, I will write about it all the live-long day because I can! :)

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