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October 23, 2009

as you are probably marginally aware by now, i have some social phobias about talking to people in public. i hate it. it's uncomfortable, awkward, and i am inevitably rude. i go to great lengths most of the time to avoid going anywhere by myself. and specifically because of this phobia it should come as no surprise that crazy people are drawn to me like moths to a flame.

we go to the grocery store down the street about once a week to pick up the essentials. and it drives me crazy because it doesn't matter what time you go there the parking lot is PACKED and people are everywhere bumping into me and i hate it. we almost always do the "self-checkout" machines because jon and i as a team can scan and bag our stuff 2x as fast as the regular lanes. the only drawback of this the guy who supervises the self-checkout area. oh, grocery guy. how i hate him.

it all began the first time we went there. if your total spent is over $20 you have to go up and sign for your receipt at the counter. and as i go up there he is singing. SINGING. and continues singing. and swinging his rosary beads. and calls me by my name (as it appears on my credit card, which is not jamie) which i dont know if it's just me but that is a total pet peeve of mine. you don't know me, why do you need to address me by my name at all? so singing checkout man is a creeper. and he's always there. oh and i love this- at the northside fourth of july parade he entered himself, by himself, as a float and then rode his bicycle with a poster board taped to it that said "jesus is love" or some crap. and jon and i were like OH MY GOD it's grocery man! and i overheard the people behind us saying the same thing! so i turned around and ended up talking to this couple for a few minutes about what a total creeper that guy is. so it's not just me, i tell you!

anyway so last weekend we were there with jude picking up the foods (mostly chocolate milk, which i have been drinking like it is my life's breath lately) and grrrr, annoying checkout man is there. and he sees jude, sleeping in his sling. so he comes over and is asking me about how old he is, etc. etc. baby chit chat. and then he asks if we're chosen a church to baptize him at yet. and i say, no. and what i really meant was no, and stop talking to me. but he goes on. and ON. about how he was baptized in less than 30 days. and father somebody would be happy to baptize him. and ON and ON and ON. and all i said was no, thanks. and huh, that's interesting.

i hate that man. and jon's never been so impressed/disappointed that i didn't yell at someone.

damn grocery creeper.



How rude could that man possibly be? There is nothing worse than someone pushing their religion on you when you didn't ask them for it. That's probably one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. Congratulations on keeping your fist from his face. Go you!

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