October 28, 2009

jon and i are notoriously anti-hipster, which i wrote about extensively here. and though we live in hipster-central and have a lot of the unfortunate attributes of hipsters, we both like to think that it could never be true. several of our friends have suggested that by virtue of how much we HATE hipsters, we are, in fact, raising the King Hipster. and judging by his etsy toys, thermal old man pants, trendy hat, his love of the arcade fire, and tiny plaid pants, i'd say we might be at serious risk. oh well. King Hipster it is.

all hail!



Whatever term there may be for it...i think he is effing ADORABLE (almost to the point of making my non working ovaries want to snap out of their coma!)

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(I need to see the tiny plaid pants, please.)

wrestling kitties

look at that smile!!! I seriously could just eat him up....just figuratively of course, I would never just eat your baby....I am on a diet and they are too fatty. Just wanted to clarify ;)

But seriously, I would metaphorically eat that peanut up as he is just too cute!


Gosh he is GORJUS!

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