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November 10, 2009

last night i dreamed that i was in line at deweys pizza with my mom and my friend suzie. except deweys was like a walk-up window on the street in the middle of times square if times square was recreated all clean and fun inside disney world. and they kept messing up our order. i was trying to convince my mom to split a pine nut calzone with me but she wanted to eat half and save the other half for lunch tomorrow. and all of a sudden the guy behind me in line started giving me a neck massage. so i set jude down in the pizza dough so he could roll around and turned around to totally kick the guy's ass. and then my mom and suzie got their orders and i never got my food but we gave up and left anyway and went to the car.

but when we got in the car it was just jon and i, driving in our vw through a giant-sized car maze. like a maze, for cars. and he turned left down a path that had a big sign that "FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES ONLY! Boulders ahead!" but jon insisted we go that way anyway. and the rabbit wasn't doing half bad for a little car! but as we drove down the super-rocky dry riverbed eventually we came to some huge boulders we couldn't drive past so we had to get out and hike the rest of the way. i was concerned about leaving the car but jon assured me that the maze staff would take the car to the end and it would be there waiting for us- and when i looked back the car was gone and he was all, "Seeeeeee!?!? i left the keys in there!"

finally, we got to ikea (which was apparently the goal of the maze, btw). but to get to each area you had to go into the little model apartments and look for the trap door that led to the next section. jon kept finding the doors before me and leaving me behind. finally on the seventh floor i walked into a room and our pediatrician was there. and he helped me find the trap door in the floor where jon had gone. but underneath there it was all unfinished. and i yelled down to jon but he couldn't hear me because he was rocking out to his ipod.

when i looked back up our pediatrician had set up with all these nurses to do jude's checkup (which is tomorrow morning, irl). and they told me they were going to have to put tubes in his arms and inject him with all this crazy stuff. and then our pediatrician turned around and he had a bang face!

hello, i'm your pediatrician. i used to be just incredibly old
but now i also have a dog face. huzzah!

and he said if jude didn't have plastic surgery right away he was too fat and this one roll on his face would make him turn into a bang face too. and while they were doing all their dr stuff i was crying, because jude was scared. but jon was ignoring me and reading a brochure from his lady-friend in japan and talking to his friends who were for some reason sitting in stadium seating behind us.

and then i woke up.



Holy crap. I feel like that when I'm at Ikea and I'm not even dreaming!


As soon as I read 'Dewey's', I started daydreaming about pizza. Yum!

Then I realized I can't get to Cincy and back before my boss would miss me, so I read the rest of your post - you crack me up!

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