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November 23, 2009

last night i dreamed that i was an a giant pink and lime green amusement park. it was brand new and just opening. they let me and a bunch of other people get on the very first ride to test it out. we had to ride around on top of his giant plexiglass letter "n" shaped thing that moved really slowly and this really mean girl kept getting closer and closer to me and there were no rails on the "n" so i fell down 30 feet off the side, bounced off a tree, and broke my arm.

down below was a pink and green bowling alley where a bag lady was challenging rebecca woolf from GGC to a bowling ball throwing contest. the bag lady was throwing the bowling ball and trying to get it to keep spinning after it hit the ground and if it did these little electric punching arms would pop out of the sides. so she dared rebecca to try to do it with two at a time, and rebecca was all, "hell yeah bag lady! i can SO do that!" but only one kept spinning after she threw it and she totally lost.  sad face for her.

and then jon and his coworker aaron came and picked me up on their new three-person motorcycle and told me they were going to take me on a moto-tour of all the places on the earth that ewoks live. but first we had to go to the video store and try to rent the documentary, "the people who live with the ewoks". but it was checked out! and i was so super pissed. and then we rode around town on the three-person motorcycle, which really just had an extra long seat so we could all sit behind eachother in a row. the end.

i know, i know, i promised you the serious post. but the truth is last night i fell asleep when jude went to bed... at 8:30. i could try and use my horrible hacking cough as an excuse but really i just fell asleep. check back tomorrow, i promise. plus this dream was awesome.



Holy! This makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER (and waaay less creepy too!) Hilarious! I wonder how many dreams she's been in? Wish I could be super famous in both real-life and dream world.

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