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November 4, 2009

jude is a happy baby about 90% of the time. it's that 10% of the time that i think we need to talk about today. this 10%:

there are times when i've been with the baby all day and he's screaming and screaming and won't calm down. and he's clean and dry and fed and warm and WHAT THE HELL, BABY? and he's screaming and crying and i'm screaming and crying, and i'm rocking him to try to make him feel better, and all he's doing is screaming at the top of his lungs directly into my face and turning red and getting all sweaty. and it's at these times that i can't help but think, why the HELL would anyone want to have a baby?!?! what were we thinking??!?

but i also think this is completely normal. i think it's important to give yourself permission to be completely frustrated. getting frustrated just means we're human. and babies? they don't really do so well with the logical reasoning. sometimes there just isn't much you can do when honestly jude, everything is perfectly ok. it's the worst and hardest part. and luckily we don't have a colicky baby, these freak-out crying spells are pretty few and far between and mostly related to taking that STUPID BOTTLE and which thankfully we don't have to do at home anymore. but they suck. and for those few minutes you just want to tear your hair out, or put the baby down and run screaming in the other direction (i don't personally recommend either of these, just for the record).

and this is not to say that i don't love my baby. he is awesome and adorable. but this early infant part? it's not so easy. i knew it wouldn't be. but when you're in the heart of those few times it just totally, totally, totally, blows. but then they do this...

and all is forgiven.

don't lie to me other parents and pretend that this hasn't happened to you. because i know it has. (now sing the facts of life song to yourself, because that's what i'm doing right now)



With my first daughter, she screamed so very much for no reason at all that I called my mother in law for help. And I H.A.T.E. her. Turns out (according to my mama) that I was nervous, which Quinn picked up on, and messed with me.

Now with the third one, I just let him scream, because a) I know he's fine and b) I'd rather he scream than the older two who give me their 'tude while screaming.

Rachel Terry

I think all new moms have been there and if they tell you they haven't, they are probably lying. But you forget all of that when you get smiles, and Jude has an incredible smile. He's a doll.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Oh gosh, I've been there. In fact, I was there on Sunday night... Those first couple of months were r.o.u.g.h.

I'm with Rachel - the smiles... oh the smiles, they make it all worth it.

Mickey Dee

Your honesty is refreshing. Thank you for saying so.


I haven't been there yet, but I like reading real stories about what it's really going to be like. Thank you for that! :)

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