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November 18, 2009

i think it's so strange how music has seasons.  for example, i only listen to zwan in the spring.  it sounds like spring.  it feels like spring.  it reminds me of spring.  in other seasons i don't really like it anymore.  fall makes me feel maudlin.  it's the only time of year when jon's boo-hoo music sounds good to me.  so lately i'm obsessed with listening to the fleet foxes, not only because of their fabulous-pairing-of-words name, but also because of this song:

every time i hear it, it takes me to a very specific place and time a few years ago when we lived at the boal street apartment.  it was fall, nearly winter, and i still worked at the restaurant mostly at night.  i would come home late but still before jon got off work at his restaurant.  and i would play okami for hours and hours into the night.  our apartment was big and cheap but also had HUGE gaps in the single-paned windows and we couldn't afford to turn the heat on.  it was one of the most miserable (and also most memorable) falls/winters i've ever had.  i slept in my coat and mittens.  the shower was the only warm place in the house and only while the hot water was running.  but this was mostly countered by the fact that our bathroom had a makeshift exhaust fan in the window so it was pretty much like showering outside.  i remember stepping out of the shower and steam would pour off my body while i toweled off just from the sheer force of the temperature change.  it was a cold time.  a sad time.  but looking back on it it doesn't seem nearly so bad in my head.

right after that i became obsessed with listening to mc chris, which is a whole other animal and not at all maudlin or autumnal.  that has a lot more to do with being drunk.


Junket backpack, too, has jets.

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