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November 23, 2009

i know you're probably tired of seeing pictures of my baby, but seriously, he's so freaking cute.  i added some videos about dogs to try to make up for it.

somehow nico learned to do this trick when he was a tiny puppy and it has stayed with us all these years.  also, handy for scaring away hobos.


ok, this is why bang and i don't get along.  she is always. creeping up.  into my face.  i'll just turn around and BAM there she is inches from my eyeball.  watching.  and waiting.  and creeping.  we think she's just really needy and in love but DEAR GOD it drives me crazy.

in other news, we gave the dogs their smell-nice-for thanksgiving bath and i thought it would be extra hilarious to fill up the tub and make bang's a bubble bath.  ...and it totally was.  except she kept eating all the bubbles.  oh... sigh... stupid bangerang.



Uh, don't apologize for those pics! This one of your little guy is the best one yet! I love 'em...keep them coming!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'm with Sarah - bring on the jude pictures. (I overdo it EVERY monday with far too many Lila pictures. I can't help myself, though.)

I love Bang.


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Um, Nico's "mean face" is phenomenal.

That's a talented dog.

Sarah W

My coworkers think I'm crazy because I am laughing so hard at this. I love funny dog videos! How did you teach the "mean face" thing? I totally need to do that with my Tucker.

Sarah W

PS - Your baby is super adorable.

Rachel Terry

That is an awesome picture of Jude, I swear he just keeps getting cuter and he was pretty darn cute to begin with.


Nico's mean face is the BEST ever. You've just inspired me to share my dog's video with you guys this week!

Written Permission

Um, your baby and your dogs are freakin' ADORABLE. :) Thank you for sharing both!

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