November 27, 2009

ever since i was little when i'm away from home too long i get this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. unreasoning panic. MUST GO HOME NOW. and it's not because i feel like i'm in danger or anything like that, or that i'm not having a fun time, i just need to be back there. with my things. now. i think i must be some kind of hermit. even as an adult after 24 hours away i'm just about done. i want to be in my living room in my pajamas watching tv and nothing seems to help alleviate it.

and that's where i am right now. that horrible burning churning in the pit of my stomach, telling me that i need to brush my teeth and watch mad men. i want to run away.


Rachel Terry

I get that same feeling, I absolutely hate to be away from home. Hoping you make it to your living room soon!

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