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November 12, 2009

yesterday was an exciting day, at least for me, but i'm pretty lame.

jude had his 2 month doctors appointment. he weighs 13 lbs, 14 ounces. he has nearly doubled his birth weight! go jude! and he's healthy, etc. etc. got two shots but got over it pretty fast. then he got to spend the day with jon instead of the babysitter. thanks veteran's day!

amalah answered my question over at Alphamom's Advice Smackdown, which you can read here. boy do i feel fancy! when famous bloggers acknowledge my existence like this, or on twitter, my heart just about beats out of my chest, when really i'm sure they think i'm a psychopath because they are totally just normal people.

jon bought me a doughnut. with sprinkles. woooooo!

in conclusion, life is pretty good... but it would be better if my hair were cuter.


and then after i wrote this, oh god, the nighttime.  jude apparently does not like shot time.  and he is going to let us know.  SHOT TIME IS SAD, MOM.  CAN YOU HEAR ME?  NO I WON'T EAT- I'M TOO SAD.  NO, I WON'T SLEEP- TOO SAD. sniff sniff sniff. and so, the morning has come upon us yet again.  except this time i didn't really get to sleep at all.  and i took him to the babysitters against all my maternal instincts to stay home and nurse him all day, because we are incredibly poor right now. would still be better if my hair were cuter.



Poor Jude. I hope he has a better day today. I mean, you DID tell him about the donut with sprinkles, right? Technically, he gets to enjoy that with you.

wrestling kitties

Oh, apparently Jude realized what happened later and was not happy :( poor little guy.

I agree about having cuter hair. I just wear mine up now all the time as I can't find a cute style. That makes me sad.

P.S. A Donut with sprinkles - Jon sounds like a good man!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

Yay for Jude's good Dr.'s appt.
BIG ups to Jon for the doughnut.
And, I'm a firm believer in pumping before bed.

Best of luck with your hair. However, from what I can see - it is cute.

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