November 1, 2009

as you can see to the right, i've officially committed to doing NaBloPoMo this year. november is national blog posting month, where bloggers sign up to post every day for 30 days. i've signed up this year as a personal challenge to get in the habit of writing every day and as a celebration of one year of blogging here (hooray!). i'm not making any promises but i'm going to make a serious effort not to schedule any in advance and actually write every day. so check back here for posts every. day in november. so today marks the first day of nablopomo, and tomorrow my first day back at work, and jude's first day at the babysitter.

wow... scary.

if you want to participate i think you can still sign up through the end of today over at their website. people who successfully write every day are entered in random prize drawings. and it's fun.



good Luck!!! i contemplated signing up this year on friday and then it totally slipped my brain until just now...maybe next year! Good luck at work!


Dude. That is a lot of stuff for one month. I hope it all continues to go swimmingly! :)

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