November 16, 2009

it seems that i'm not the only one who is having trouble commenting on posts here which is both horrible and totally relieving because it means it's not just my computer breaking.  i'm not sure what's going on other than blogger is stupid.  i promise to attempt to investigate.

the good news is that our friend adam and i are (slowly) working on a site redesign.  like a big official fancy one so that i don't get bored and change it every 2 months.  this means i'm taking a stab at writing css code which is something i know virtually nothing about.  i'm a print designer!  this whole web thing, i only dabble.  but anyway, maybe with the new site design changes (whenever that happens) it will correct some of these weird commenting flaws.  also, it will look pretty.  yay!  being a designer for a living i have to say it embarrasses me to no end to not have the crispiest cleanest looking site out there.  even though i know the whole point is the writing, i'm a looker.  no no, i'm not hot.  i see things.  with my EYES.  so we're embarking on this new adventure.  a very fancy adventure which will hopefully last me through a significant passage of time, once i significantly figure out how to write code.

and yes, this technical post is technically my post for today.  unless i come up with something clever later on.  but the list of things-to-do on my desk is quite large today and the only stories i have are about breastfeeding.  i think i've said waaaaaay too much about that in the recent future to bring it up again so... there.  now go watch that video of my kid laughing again!  DO IT!


Ky (Two Pretzels)

Good for you. I am SO over blogger and so over my layout.

I'd contemplating switching to wordpress... and finding a new, plain, WHITE and simple blog theme/template.

Can't wait to see what you do.

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