November 25, 2009

i don't feel like posting at all today- how do you follow up a post like the last one?!  but damn it, nablopomo, i will prevail!  we're coming up on the hardest part- posting while traveling for the holiday.  here's to continued perseverance- we're {thisclose} to success.

jon and i were busy all last night in between feeding jude packing and packing and cleaning and doing laundry and all those other little things you do right before you have to skip town for the holidays.  except this is our first trip with a baby.  i made a list of all the things we need to bring and cross your fingers that when we leave on our trek after work we haven't forgotten anything.  or that we've only forgotten something that we can replace at target in a pinch.  part of the trouble comes from this, our car...

now don't get me wrong i love our car.  it has turned me into a 100% volkswagen enthusiast.  but two adults, one baby in a giant car seat, one 40 lb dog and one 100 lb dog are a tight fit in our little 2-door baby.  and that's before all the bags of clothes, diapers, and dog food.  jon has been diligently scouring the internets for used roof racks but since we haven't found one by.. oh say, TODAY it looks like we're just going to have to pack everyone in.

best wishes to all of you and have a nice holiday, as i will be posting mostly from my telephone, borrowed computers, or jon's ipod touch and i won't be able to chat you up.

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