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November 17, 2009

i'd like to share with you today a few of my top search terms.  i've done this before (here) and it never ceases to amazing me the ridiculous ways in which people have found this site.  so without further ado...

"zoo fuck/zoo fuck photo/child zoo fuck" 
-that one is just never going to go away, is it? geez, you mention zoo fuck one time and you'll never escape it.  learn from this, dear reader, learn from my unfortunate fate.

"underpants damp at night pregnancy"
-ok, i did actually write about that one once.

-really?  from all the sites in the world that could possible be about cooking you come here?

"i hate my kitchen"
-i'm sorry?

"how long is a leoplurodon"
- don't know.  i didn't think that was a real thing.  i thought it was a joke.

"doctor grumbles"
-i am not a licensed physician, in case there was any confusion.

"hot babysitter tubes"
-uh... what kind of tubes?  television tubes? fallopian tubes? tube socks?

"morgan is hot i would totally bang her right now if she wanted to go upstairs cus im totally turned on"
-hilarious.  so, so, hilarious.  also not sure how that relates to my blog, but ok.

"snooty foodies"
-me?  really?  you realize i ate a bologna sandwich for lunch right?

"hospital mesh underpants"
-yes, i wore them.  what about it?

and of course, about 5,000 searches for variations on geof manthorne, geof manthorne girlfriend, etc.  to which i will only say, read this.  which brings me to my new favorite search term of all time:

"dont ask me what my name is; stupid bitch im famoussss"

yes.  yes i am.  please be sure to inscribe this on my tombstone in the event of my untimely demise.



How do we find this out?

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I adored those hospital mesh underpants. I had 'em, too.

I shall look at my search words. How fun.

Sarah W

Hi! Just wanted to say I *LOVE* your blog. It's hilarious... and this post is no exception. (I'm a friend of Ky & found you through her blog.)

Write on, sista!

I will start one... one of these days.


This is too funny! I've done a few posts about search terms landing people on my blog - it's too hilarious not to share. It's funny what the search engines pick up on.

(By the way, I too, found your blog thru Two Pretzels. I concur with Sarah above me here, you're one funny gal!)


Are we talking about the leopluredon from Charlie the Unicorn? If so...I am impressed. Big time.

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