#34 on the life list... check!

December 19, 2009

it was both easy AND fun. happy holidays to you, random woman behind us in line!

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I bet you made her day! If someone did that for me at Starbucks I would seriously have to find them and thank them!

The captcha for this comment is "doodit" which I think is so funny that I came back to add this.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

(I think you should post your "life list" in your sidebar so we can reference what you've done. Way to go.)

the grumbles

it's in the menu up at the top now. sorry, i didn't make an announcement or anything i just stuck it up there one day.

wrestling kitties

Very nice, that kind of stuff is fun to do. One time T & I went to dinner. Our whole bill was $18 and we decided to be nice and leave a $20 tip....it makes you feel good and hope that it makes the persons day. I need to revisit my life list!

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