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December 3, 2009

so, as you can clearly see, the new site is up.  i hope you enjoy its shiny new prettiness and please please if you have any problems or see any quirky errors let me know so i can try to fix them.  i've added a host of new features which i hope will be helpful and make the site easier to use.  want to hear about them?  click "read more" below.  if you don't care about that nerdy kind of stuff, don't and i'll talk to you after the weekend when i will return with loads more pictures of cute babies.

first of all, the big change is the header.  up there.  yep there it is.  it now has a menu for easier access to the main page.  and the about me page, archives, blogroll, and contact area have their own little home.  and the subscribe button is a cuuuuute little sticker.  hello up there on the right!  so cute!

the best thing about the new format is more room for writing and more room for bigger pictures.  you can check out an example over at the new 'about me' section.  (i was going to link to it but NO, i want you to use our new menu! wheeeee!)  mmmmmm, so big and shiny.

how's that flowery background working out for you out there around the edges?  yeah, i know, it's a little grandma-y.  but i sort of like it.  it's.... ladylike.  actually it's probably giving people the wrong impression about this place.  i am not particularly ladylike.

you'll notice now that at the bottom of each post is a little "social networking" menu where you can share or bookmark posts you like.  and if you click on an individual post right above the comments section there are now "related posts" listed to make it easier for you to waste your time here.

in the new double sidebar to the right i've added a popular posts section, and the blogroll over there shows the 10 most recently updated blogs i'm following.  below that, new social menu!  and i finally ponied up and added that stupid "follow me" blogger widget.  i didn't have one before because really i think they're ugly.  but i think people like the ease of just clicking a button and subscribing in blogger.

anyway, i'm sure there's more thing's i'm forgetting.  like the new favicon!  the little icon that shows up in your browser tabs (depending on what browser you're using).  it's new!  and custom!

whatever.  enjoy.  i hope it looks ok.  it's my first stab at writing code and with lots and lots of help from our friend adam i think i've done about as much as i can to it without going completely overboard.



Amy C

Looks AWESOME!! Congrats one working the code out!

The only thing I see that doesn't work quite right it you have to click above your name (header) to return to the main site. Otherwise its perfect!


Double side bar?!?!? I am SO jealous! I love, love, love it. I'm going to play around some more.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I love it. Love it. LOVE it. I covet it, actually.



So awesome. Love it. I'm also jealous, I'll take one in Turtle Parade mode, please!

Mickey D.

I think it's wonderful! I love the photo collage at the top.

Well done.

With these enhancements, you've kept me as a reader. Not that you were in danger before, but you know, a girl likes things shaken up now and then.

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