finding just the right gift is hard, you know?

December 15, 2009

so i was sitting here just moments ago, contemplating what to get the love of my life for his birthday which also happens to coincide with new years.  hmmmm, what, oh, what, should i buy the jon for his birthday?  and i thought of all the wonderful things that i want to get him but probably shouldn't can't won't.  and as i was thinking about it, i was talking to my sister-in-law about it.

me:  so, i think i really want to get jon (this thing) but i can't decide.  it's probably too expensive.

her:  Hmmmm, I don't know.

me:  i could get it for him anyway, even though i don't have any money.  have i mentioned i don't have any money?

her:  You could always get it anyway, that's what Mom always did.

me:  probably.  it sucks being an adult.

her:  Yep.

me:  but you know what he got me for my birthday last year?
me: do you!
me:  ....nothing.

her:  WHAT!

me:  yeah, i KNOW.  he was going to take me to a concert and then we didn't go, and then he was supposed to buy me a cake, and then he did, four months later.

her:  Did he get you anything when Jude was born?

me:  WHAT?  no!  i'm UNLOVED!  see who gets a birthday present NOW!  ...NOBODY!

and here we are.  what do you want for your birthday, JON?  huh, huh??  because i'll buy you a real present and give it to you, like i do every year.  take that, jerkfaçe!  ...but seriously, i should probably figure out what to get because that's in like two weeks!  new years, in two weeks or something!  how did this happen?!?

post posting this post, jon called me and said, "we went someplace and you ate food, so shut your face, FACE!"  but he can't remember where.  i don't believe it even really happened.



Lies! all Lies! well mostly misrepresentations or clever editing. OUT OF CONTEXT! We went to Cafe Istanbul at Newport on the Levy. dammit. fine I suck. Don't buy me any presents. I am serious.

the grumbles

YOUR FACE IS LIES. actually i looked it up, and we stayed home and got Mediterranean takeout and I believe watched Doomsday. thanks, blog! for keeping track of my life when i can't remember my own name.

and really? no comments on this? jon thinks it's because you all think we're seriously fighting. but we're not, we're just like this all the time, with the sassy sassing each other. it's our thing.

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