giving birth, in retrospect

December 16, 2009

so i was reading on one of these crunchy midwifery websites i'm totally into now and i learned that prodromal labor, which i clearly had because i was in labor for like 2 weeks and didn't even realize it, is a common indicator of malposition (jude was posterior (face up) instead of anterior (face down)).  so if i had been going to a midwife who knew her stuff instead of an OBGYN they probably would have known ahead of time that he was sunny side up instead of finding out oh... when he came out?  i don't know why, i just keep thinking about it.  plus, it sounds fancy, "oh, well i had prodromal labor because of malposition."  don't i sound fancy and knowledgeable?  now i just need someone to say it to... the next person who asks me about it is going to get a very nerdy-sounding earful.

i had a dream two weeks ago that i was giving birth.  it's weird, almost right away the entire thing faded into a fog of the past.  but apparently i subconciously remember a lot more than i think because my dream was SO REAL with the creepy feeling of pushing large things out my lady bits.  interesting that it comes out in dreams but awake it doesn't seem like it really happened.  i read that our bodies are biologically programmed to forget the pain of labor so that we will agree to do it again and man!  that so happens.

anyway, busy here at the office.  lots to do.  i might be scarce the rest of the week.



I keep dreaming that I'm peeing. I'm worried it's going to happen in real life unknown to me.

There must be something wrong with me. I'm NOT over the pregnancy, birth, or newborn stage AND I'M ABOUT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

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