i've joined the dark side

December 18, 2009

i just got my christmas present, my brand new iphone. now sweet internet, we need never be apart.  my heart is going SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE inside.  and sometimes outside.  plus, BEHOLD in all it's unholy glory!:

sith iphone, originally uploaded by Grumbles&Grunts.

yeah see, i made that for you.  of all the places i thought this website might someday take me, i never foresaw this particular turn of events that would lead me to photoshop myself into a picture of star wars characters.  but now i can say i have a photo of myself with christopher lee. a very funny picture of christopher lee making a ridiculous face.  you can now connect me to the 2.5 degrees of christopher lee.  in fact, i'm going to add that to my life list right now just so i can cross it off.

i made myself small, because in my head christopher lee is quite large.  and also, i am quite small.  i'm exceedingly embarrassed to say that i knew that he was darth tyranus when i googled it.  i almost included a picture of evil anakin and then realized that he totally couldn't be in that photo in two different places in time at once....
sorry, i'm a little nerdy.  you may disown me now if you like.


Rachel Terry

That is officially the BEST photoshopped photo I have ever seen!


I didn't even notice you at first. I had to go back and look. LOL!


how appropriate to read this while I'm in my midst of wrapping my 3 boys Christmas gifts- which are ALL Star Wars toys!!! I'm surrounded by them knee deep- and I, too, know way more than I ever wanted about Star Wars!! You aren't alone...


That picture is..........priceless. It made my whole day!

Ky (Two Pretzels)

You're awesome.

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