Mr. the Grumbles

January 1, 2010

a very happy birthday to you, jon. i'm sorry that your birthday is overshadowed by the holiday season. ok... not so much "overshadowed" as "completely eclipsed by everyone's hangovers".

i'm so glad to celebrate the day my best friend was born, even though it makes me mad when you wear your shoes in the house.  just a few weeks ago we were reading through your baby book and under the section "mother's reaction at birth" it said: says nothing.  in total shock.  good times, new year's baby.

just a few minutes ago we spoke on the phone and you told me, "i just commented on someone's blog.  it was sort of mean, but cake boss is stupid!" and i said, "ugh, cake boss IS stupid, ace of cakes is the SHIT!"  and when i went to check out your comment i saw that you signed as "Mr. the Grumbles" and my heart, it went pitter-patter flitter-flutter.  oh my, how i love you!

now let's try to find someplace that is open so we can go eat SUSHI!

jon's cute and stuff, originally uploaded by Grumbles&Grunts.



Aw, Happy Birthday Mr. the Grumbles.


Aww, what a cutie Mr. Grumbles! He does not look so grumbly to me.

Iris Took

Happy birthday Mr. the Grumbles. I suppose I should cancel that cake I ordered for you from Buddy's bakery and call Duff for a bigger, MUCH better cake :)

Loved your comments! Hope you had a great day.

Ky (Two Pretzels)

I'd like to wish Mr. the grumbles a feliz cumpleaños.

Hope you enjoyed the sushi.


Happy Birthday Mr. Grumbles! Let's get Duff to make you a cake!

Jenny, the Bloggess

Adorable. Happy (late) birthday, Mr. the Grumbles.


I concur with you and Mr. The Grumbles... Buddy vs. Duff? No contest! The Ace of Cakes is the man.

Happy birthday to your honey. Is it ok to agree with you on the cute front, too?

wrestling kitties

Way late, but hope Mr. Grumbles had a wonderful birthday!

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