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December 29, 2009

who's there?  what?  what's that?  you're still hanging around here waiting for me to talk to you?  don't you know i'm on holiday hiatus?

oh yeah... i forgot to tell you.  i'm taking a few days off for post-holiday recouperation.  i suppose it's possible that some people find the holidays "relaxing" or something but driving to other states with my screaming baby to stay at other people's homes and not sleep is not, in my opinion, much of a break.  so now is the time for regeneration and reflection and a little quiet time with the fam.  i'll be back full strength next monday.

but don't forget about me!  promise?  because you know, internet, this thing between us... it's getting kind of serious.  it's going good.  next thing you know i'll show up at your work with flowers and a key to my apartment so you can "stay over" all romance-style.  mmmmmm, delicious internet readers.

(the subtext to this post that i'm not mentioning?  i got a new video game.  so we can call it "family time" but what i might really be doing is trying to crash cars into each other on my xbox.  i've played my game for a whole half hour so far! while the boy was sleeping! huzzah!  ...with the sound off ...on the floor behind a couch cushion so he couldn't see me if he woke up from his nap, because we're at that stage now where he's like, "hey LOOK! that lady who takes care of me!  I CAN SEE YOU CAN YOU SEE ME!  LAAADDY! OVER HERE!  let's be together!  hey wait!  where'd you go!  LAAADDYYYYYY!!!!"

aannnnd- i'm off.  see you monday.  wishing you many explosive car crashes into your new year.

...ok that sounded a little weird.  i mean, i'm not hoping you have an accident.  just that if you know someone with an xbox and burnout paradise maybe you can enjoy the crunching on metal and the very very fast driving and the squeeling of your drifting tires* as you TEAR ASS around everybody else.

*there may or may not actually be squealing.  i have no sound at the moment.  but i can IMAGINE the glorious squealing and the trendy techno music, i can imagine them to my heart's content.)




Dude...Jamie. I'm driving 2500 miles across the country this weekend and you wish me car crashes? Noooo.....that's bad luck right there. I have a sinking feeling that my trip is going to turn into an adventure of Chevy Chase-like proportions.


I just found out today that my Wii games have sound. Who knew?? Athena is the lightest sleeper ON THE PLANET.

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