NaBloPoMo finish line

December 1, 2009

success, all!  we have survived nablopomo '09!  and how!

i've enjoyed writing to you more often and i hope to keep it up (but without the added pressure of posting on a saturday when i'd rather be watching movies and rolling around on the floor with the jude).  next up on tap here?  well of course the winter holidays are approaching at an alarming rate, we'll be in pittsburgh next weekend, and i'm getting a mirena right after, but also- *site redesign*!  i think it's almost done.  i keep trying to add all these ridiculous extra features and have to remind myself how completely unnecessary all that is.  after consulting with a few people i should have an up-and-running date for you in the next few days.  i'm psyched!

another november has passed.  my first full year (plus some) blogging here is over.

i'm going to celebrate by washing my hair and going to the grocery store.  i have a very exciting life.


Amy C

I hear ya. I am glad its over but accomplished all the same. Congrats to you!!


Congrats girl! I knew you could do it.

Eden Kennedy Onassis

Congratulations, you won a random prize for finishing NaBloPoMo!


I'm glad to have had you posting on a regular basis... even if it was only for a month with 30 days in it.



Ky (Two Pretzels)

Way to go. Cannot wait to see the new site design. I'm jealous. I'm soooo over mine but I loathe every template out there.

hopefuls #1

Good work!

I tired pretty hard and did a number of post on a day prior and what not... but that last week fell apart on me! I was so bummed but oh well. It's sort of jump started me to post more even without a contest! :)

Thanks for all your comments!!!!

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